To know a Black Cat is to Love a Black Cat 🖤❤️

To know a Black Cat is to Love a Black Cat 🖤❤️

To know a Black Cat is to Love a Black Cat 🖤❤️

Domestic black Cat looking in front of Camera and lying on the Bed. Portrait of black Cat at Home

This time of year, it's common to see Halloween decorations that include black cats. They're usually portrayed as a spooky symbol of witchcraft or a symbol of evil omens or simply bad luck.  Don’t let their reputation scare you—black cats are far from scary. While every cat has their own personality, black cats are usually playful and make wonderful family members. 

Black cats get a bad rap because of these superstitions and are the least likely to get adopted.  Here are some of the reasons to consider adopting the majestic and mysterious felines:  

Some cultures consider black cats to be good luck.  In Britain, women with black cats are said to be lucky in love. And captains once kept black cats aboard ships to keep their sailors safe while at sea. A black cat crossing your path is also a sign of good luck in Asia. Instead of focusing on harmful superstitions, believe in positivity!

It's been said that black cats come from royalty. Just about every cat believes they deserve to be treated like a king or queen. However, black cats were actually once regarded as royalty. They held a place of great honor in ancient Egypt. They were so revered that killing one was a capital offense. Like the pharaohs, black cats were mummified and entombed to guarantee their rightful place in the afterlife. Today’s black cats descended from those bloodlines, so adopting one is the best way to add a touch of royalty to your family.

Black cats are known to be playful, loving and energetic.  Someone who is looking for a loyal and cuddly friend would be a perfect match with a black cat.  

Interestingly, black cats have minimal health problems.  According to research, black cats have an evolutionary advantage due to their natural camouflage. Plus, evidence suggests that they could be less prone to disease than other felines. Research is still ongoing, but scientists have found that black-coated cats are more resistant to diseases like feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Of course, regular veterinary care is necessary for all cats, regardless of their color.  

Did you know that Black Cat Appreciation Day! is celebrated each year on August 17th.  The purpose of this holiday is to dispel the many myths and fears surrounding black cats and celebrate dark-coated kitties for the loving and beautiful creatures they are.

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