Into Your Home and Into Your Heart

Into Your Home and Into Your Heart

Into Your Home and Into Your Heart


I'm overwhelmed by the number of abandoned and feral cats roaming around America, and like so many of you, I want to help every single one. It's just not possible, so the next best approach is to reduce the number of new liters and care for the ones we've got.  Did you know that cats can have up to 5 litters per year!? That blew me away! 

Several. years ago, there was some division regarding a thriving feral cat colony in the townhome community where I was living. While one side sought to "starve them out," the other sought to provide for them or come up with a compassionate solution. Naturally, I took the latter position. When I started looking into it, the majority of the material talked about doing a catch, neuter, and release. I came to the realization that I had been doing just that the entire time! Booker, in particular, and his sister Gray were as beautiful and domesticated as I've ever seen.  Each day, while I was eating lunch on my porch, they would come visit me. They nudged, purred, and rubbed up against me until I showed them affection, and one day they followed me straight past my two dogs and into the house. They were someone's pets at some point, that was for sure! After letting them go a short while later, I saw them again the next day. They were growing thinner, and it occurred to me that they had probably been left behind. After I fed them and showed them how to use my cat door window insert, I had them neutered and spayed, and they went on to lead amazing lives as family pets.  They came and went as they pleased but could be mostly found lounging around the house morning, noon, and night.  They joined Nikki, who was the original inspiration for this product.  She, too, was found living outside. 

In a perfect world, all cats would be spayed or neutered and would reside inside. But in our world, it's estimated that there are 30 to 80 million stray, feral, uncared and homeless cats in the United States.  (Thank you to, World Animal Foundation for the updated statistics. I'm thrilled each time a customer tells me exactly how she plans to use our door!  Catios are a wonderful addition as well! 

Thanks to all of you who bring these cats living outside into your homes and into your hearts.  We feel proud at Cat Flap Fever to be a part of something positive.  

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