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 Cat Flap Fever Industries

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The Original and simply the best Custom Cat Door for the Window with Locking Flap. Our standard 6"x6" flap is included and we also offer a larger 8"x9" size for our husky furry friends as well as Microchip.   

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Military family

Bought a cat flap window insert for my grandson and his wife after bringing a new addition to their family. She was used to a cat door at my house and loves her freedom. Her sister took to it quickly too. It fit perfectly, everyone loves it!

Great product

My order was special one as the height was 58 '. I needed to call, they handle my order very well, informed me with the date of delivery and the product came in on time. It was not cheap but happy with what I got. highly recommend it. My cat loves it.

Just what we needed

I got the plexiglass insert and it fits under our window perfectly. I'm glad we opted for the larger door- our cat is small, but I don't know if she would be comfortable with anything smaller. More because she's a scaredy cat than anything... she'd definitely fit haha.
Anyway, the cat door has been great so far and we've had no issues! It's rained a few times since we got it and no water leaked inside at all, which was a concern.


I love this thing. I always thought I’d need to cut an entire hole in the wall and put a cat door in that way, but this totally solves that problem! I haven’t had mine long, but it seems like it’ll insulate pretty well too. Totally worth the price! I’ll most likely end up buying more for other windows in the house. I
Submitted measurements after placing my order and the insert fits absolutely perfectly. No complaints!

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Cynthia Johnston
2 Happy Calico Cats!

I ordered a horizontal window cat flap insert for my new home. I was surprised that is came so quickly.
It fits purrrrrrr...fectly! My cats now have freedom to enter a screened porch. Thank you for this well made product.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Jennifer Houlihan
Our cat is living the dream

Every cat should have a Cat Flap Fever window. We got the micro chip one for our 5 month old kitten a few weeks ago and he took to it right away. I’m no longer his personal butler! He’s in and out, in and out all day long chasing bugs and stalking squirrels. He pushes it open with his little paw and climbs right out. We like that the microchip window has a variety of locks. If he hasn’t come in at night when we go to bed, we switch it to come in only setting so he can’t go back out. He is obsessed with his window, it keeps him entertained all day and we’re happy that he’s able to explore. Sometimes he just pokes his head out to see what’s going on out in the big world. It’s so cute how he jumps back inside later like “Ahhhh back home safe again.” It arrived in about 10 days and we absolutely love it.

Excellent Cat Window Door (Custom)

I just adopted my first cat, but she was feral and has never been an indoor cat. I work 8-5 on weekdays and I wanted her to have the freedom to explore outside during the day but to come inside to eat, sleep (if she wants), and when it gets cold. I live in a rented apartment and I have a large wooden door that wouldn’t give me the option to install a flap, but I do have a window. This was the perfect solution, and with a cat ramp and steps, she’ll be able to go in and out whenever and I can lock my door and window and be safe. I got the vertical window door because my windows open side-to-side. When they ask for measurements, the inches they ask for is window HEIGHT in this case (I actually gave them the wrong measurement, but they were accommodating and communicative and I did get the right size). Give them the full height because they automatically take half an inch off for it to fit. I also originally asked for it to be shipped, but I realized that I only live 45 minutes away from their shop, so I was able to pick it up, and Liz was so helpful! Absolutely great product, I can’t wait to train my cat Mittens to use it. Thank you, Cat Flap Fever!

Exactly what we needed!

The window insert with cat door was easy to order, fit perfectly, looks great and came quickly. Our cat learned how to use it right away and now he can go out into the catio when ever he wants to until we lock it for the evening. And the bugs can’t get in.

Works like a charm!

Love the new cat flap that I got from Cat Flap Fever! They answered questions I had prior to purchase and shipped quickly. It fits my window perfectly and was sooo easy to install. The window lockes also were very easy to use and I couldn't be happier. Now if only my cat would believe she can use it without me standing on the opposite side telling her she can do it herself, lol!!!

Best window sash

I love my cat flap window sash! This looks so much better, and is such better quality, than I've seen anywhere else. I ordered the clear plexiglass so it's like an extension of my window, I get to keep the view and full sunshine. Plus since it's sturdy solid material, it is so secure. My cat took about 2 days to get used to it and now se loves it. She comes and goes as she pleases with no hesitation. I highly recommend!

Tatty love's her Cat Flap!

Thanks for the well-built, well-sized cat door that makes our cat's life so much easier to come in and out of the house. It's perfect for our house and family!

Good Quality Produce

We bought the Window Cat Flap for our cats to access a new outdoor enclosure and it was the perfect solution! One cat had no trouble at all adapting to going through the flap, but another is a little more skittish so we use adhesive velcro to hold it open for them during the day. The Cat Flap is of good, sturdy material and we look forward to seeing how late in the season we can continue to use it in the Northeast weather. It locks very securely and is simple to install in the window. Would highly recommend this product.

Awesome product!

This is really the perfect thing. We were leaving our window open and wasting so much energy (also bugs coming in) but didn't want to commit to have a pet door installed in our door. This was our solution! It arrived super quickly, easy to measure, and fits perfect. Our big boy who's 13.5# fits through the regular size too :) Highly rec!!

Great cat window!

My cat, Olive, and I love our new cat window. It gives her so much more freedom to be able to go sit on the patio whenever she wants. Thank you!!

What a great product and company!

We originally purchased the regular cat flap, but while it was in the process of shipping we had a couple incidents with the neighbor cat coming in to our house and fighting with our cat. Ohh no, I should have ordered the microchip flap! I called the company and they were so helpful. They told me to simply decline the package, and as soon as the recieved it they would send me a new one with microchip flap and then invoice me for the difference. The new door just showed up. It fits my window perfectly and the microchip door was so easy to program. We are still working on creating a ramp on the outside for him to get in and out, but so far so good. I would 100%recommend.


The product came in perfect-sized and it was easy installation.. It took a while for our cats to get used to the flap door but on day three, they love it... know how to use the door right away... well done Cat Flap Fever!!

Perfect !

The window cat door I received is perfect. We are building a catio with a ramp out the window and my cat is going to love it!! This came fast and it was easy to order.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Alison Tallarico
Great Cat Door

This window insert is exactly what we needed for our cats to be able to go in and out of our screened in porch through a window in the living room. It fits well, looks great, and the cats are adjusting well. The process to order was easy and I love the fact that we needed no tools to install. The installation video is great (and very funny)! For our situation this product is perfect.

Happy Cat, Happy Husband

Purchased the plexiglass version for our window. Birthday gift for my husband. His constant companion is his cat. She follows him everywhere. You can barely notice the plexiglass/door in the window. The cat took right to it. Magnetic feature keeps the door from opening from any wind/breeze. Has a slide lock if you want to block access. Fits so well in the window. Has some foam to keep it snug. Highly recommend. Smart purchase.

I had ordered the plexiglass version and unfortunately we received the PVC version. I emailed the team and they got back to me right away to fix the issue and also paid for return shipping for the incorrect item.

This has kept bugs from getting in the house and the cats are very happy to come and go as they please. It did take them a few days to figure out the door because of the clear glass, but once they got the hang of it, they love it.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Jacqueline Russell
Great fit!

The cat door for my window is excellent! Very well made and esthetically pleasing.
My cat learned to use the door in about 1 minute!
Thank you so much!

This door swings both ways

The new catio is built and the cat door is in full use. The online purchase/measurement process was easy to use and the staff at CatFlapFever were helpful with answering any questions I had. The window/door arrived in a week's time and was super easy to install. Cats are happy.....owners are happy!

Best Investment

This was the best investment, no kidding. The plexiglass that the cat door is in looks just like glass. It looks like the cat door is floating in the window. I'm not very good as measuring things but the instructions on how to do the measuring were very clear and explicit and I was glad a video was included showing how to do it. It was delivered right on time and it wasn't hard to get it into the window at all. The hardest part was trying to get my screen out of the window but that was my issue, not the Cat Flap people's. I got the 4 way door so at night I can set the door for IN only so my kitty can come back in the house but not go out again. What a nice product. The packaging was very protective and the Cat Flap people have a really cute address label. How nice, a family owned company that makes an effort in the complete customer satisfaction department.

Update - awesome - bought the plexiglass version

I purchased the cat flap about 2 months ago - I splurged and bought the plexiglass. So glad I did - it fits perfectly, and the clear plexiglass looks great. I have a screed in porched that my cat can access through a window in our main room/TV area. The plexiglass lets in the light and just looks great. My brother saw it this weekend, and at first he couldn't tell how the cat flap was there - because of the plexiglass. LOL. It took about a week for my cat to get used to using the flap - I taped it open so she got used to going in/out then showed her how to nudge it open. With the heat wave, I have my A/C blasting and not loosing any with the plexiglass.

Regarding the fit, it is great. As most older homes/windows aren't perfectly straight - I had to put it in more mid way in the window and then slide it down. Easy. The seal is excellent - no concerns.

Perfect door

Amazing window- perfect fit!!!
The only suggestion I have is if you could send along a piece of plexiglass to help secure the window from intruders- but that is not a deal breaker!