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The Original and simply the best Custom Cat Door for the Window with Locking Flap. Our standard 6"x6" flap is included and we also offer a larger 8"x9" size for our husky furry friends as well as Microchip.   

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Perfect Cat Door!

Looks great and fits perfectly. They were very helpful in the ordering and sizing process.

Learning curve

The folks at this place are extremely helpful -- probably the best online customer service I've ever had. The measuring guide was easy to understand. The window fit perfectly, and it looks great. No drafts coming through the edges. High quality materials.
However, the flap itself is a little stiff. After two weeks, we are still trying to teach the cat to use it. She will go through the opening both ways with the flap taped open, but she cannot seem to push it open when it is closed. We've tried a couple of the methods we found in online videos, but so far no luck. We'll keep trying! Would love to know how other customers succeeded in the training.


I had 2 windows taken out and replaced with a new window and a door. I found Catflapfever and was wowed immediately! Now I (and my cats) have a clear view! The cat door leads to the upper catio ( yes there's a 32' sky bridge to the lower catio). Radar(Maine Coon) and Lola (Savannah Cat) just love it, they can lounge on the sill and look out for incoming traffic!, it helps with those cat jams. The cats and I are satisfied customers!

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a fantastic review. We are thrilled that you and your adorable cats are loving your new cat door. We are proud to provide products that enhance your feline friends' lives, and it sounds like your upper catio is the purrfect spot for them to relax and watch the world go by. Thank you for choosing us, and we are always here to help with any future cat-related needs. Have a meow-tastic day!

Cat window

We received it, installed it in less than 3 minutes, it fit perfectly!!

Thank you so much from a happy customer will definitely refer your company in the future!!

Thank you so much, Shelly! Referals mean so much to our small business. We're thrilled you're happy with our product. All of our best to you and your fur babies.

Perfect for new Catio!

Great 👍🏼 service, they go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction! Great product! Will use their service again.

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that our product was a perfect fit for your new Catio. We always strive to go above and beyond for our customers and we're happy to hear that you're satisfied with our service. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Happy Catio-ing!

Great product.

Good customer service. Product as described. Works great, fits well, cats took to it quickly.

Works like a charm

We installed a cat door in our DC row house to allow our newly adopted cat (really she adopted us) to come and go as she liked. Imagine our surprise when other neighborhood alley cats decided to come in our home (at 3 AM) and make themselves at home. The microchip activated door, custom built for the special needs of our row house window, works perfectly. Cat Flap Fever built and shipped our purchase very quickly and were attentive to our needs when trying to schedule delivery. I am very grateful. We love the peace of mind it gives us that our cat can come and go as she pleases and her would-be suitors stay outside. (see photo for evidence). :)

Quality product and customer service

I’m very happy with my cat flap pet door. I was worried that my cat would use it but she goes in and out at will now so I don’t have to open and close the sliding door. The product fit perfectly too. Thank you.

I was worried…

that my cat wouldn’t use it but after two days of me holding it open for her (and closing the sliding door where she used to exit) she is now going in and out when she wants to. I feel so free! And I don’t have to be home to open and close the sliding door. Very nice!

kitty window/door

I love the option of a window flap. The window is well made.
My kitty is used to going in and out of the doggy door which had a clear rubber flap. She cannot get used to pushing on the plexiglass because it is hard material. We will keep trying to teach her. Do you have the option of a clear rubber door flap?

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback. We're happy to hear that you love the option of a window flap and that the window itself is well made. We're sorry to hear that your kitty is having trouble getting used to the plastic flap. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the option of a clear rubber cat door flap. We suggest continuing to work with your kitty to help her get comfortable with the plastic door. We appreciate your support and hope your kitty enjoys the window flap in the meantime! Thank you again for your review.


Love our cat flap! It’s well made, arrived on time and fits perfectly in our window. Our Georgie can now enjoy his catio all day! Optional window locks worked great!

Awesome product!

So beautiful and easy to install! A perfect fit! Our cats love being able to go out on their catio. Thanks so much!

Peace of Mind

Cat flap Fever was able to make a window cat flap for me for a very small window. It has made a huge difference to my kittens that want to be outside but that I don’t want to be able to free roam. They used it easily from the first day to enter their catio. Thank you so much - you guys were so accommodating and nice to work with.

Well made product

The new cat door setup is actually clearer than my window. I couldn’t understand why I kept feeling a draft around it until I put my hands on the top of the raised window and…DUH…of course there is a space there now between the upper and lower window. I put a towel in the space and bingo, no draft whatever. I extended the sill with a little shelf so the cat could turn her body easier. She is still getting used to
all the changes but seems to be adapting happily. The door setup fits perfectly and works the way it should. I am happy and recommend this company.

Cat window

We love the Cat Flap Fever window. And Olive loves the ability to go in-and-out. This is our 3rd window insert due to replacing the house windows. This time we added the micro chip security. It has taken Olive a bit to get used to the delay in opening the window due to the sensor, but it is a winner. Great customer service!

Overall great product

Easy instructions on website on how to measure. Easy to install once received. My cat and I are very happy with this product! 👍👍


This kitty door is easy to install and looks beautiful. The vinyl window locks work great too! Highly recommend =).

Cat window

We love the cat window flap. More important, Olive loves it. She loves to go in-and-out, in-and-out. This is our third cat flap in the past 10 years; this time to add the micro-chip security option. We found neighbor cats and raccoons were taking advantage of our hospitality. Finding the security feature was a game-changer for us. Thank you for the excellent customer service.

Easy installation

I liked the price and the double check of measurements. Shipped pretty quick for a custom made item. Installation was easy and unproblematic- it just dropped in.

Happy customer

Excellent product, costumer service exceptional. It gives us peace of mind knowing our cat can easily get in and out of tge house. Bonus is it also looks beautiful

Great Cat Window

The product is very good and functional.
Customer service is kind, fast and effective. They made a great effort to meet my customer needs (I have a shoulder disabled cat) with dedication and commitment. I really appreciate Cat Flap Fever Product and Service!

Works great

Appreciate it all the efforts to help me measure my window correctly, and it fits perfectly. I was afraid my cat wouldn't like it but he goes in and out with ease

Solid Flapper

I had previously been letting our cat in and out of his catio on demand. I knew a cat flap would be a better solution, but was procrastinating pretty heavily because nothing I saw seemed too great. I'm not in to buying things that will fall apart easily, look terrible, have a bad design, etc.

Then I came across Cat Flap Fever. It looked exactly like what I pictured when I thought about what I'd like in a cat flap.

My husband was skeptical, but when it came in I was vindicated! It's sturdy and fits perfectly. Our cat is still getting used to it, but it's a great addition to our life.

Best Door Ever

We built a Catio for two cats outside my office window. We live in Oregon and it rains and is cold so I was concerned I would feel a draft. This door was perfect and it's keeps the inside dry and warm. It took a few trys for the cats to learn to go in and out of the door but now their pros!

Love it!

We’re so glad we purchased this window cat door.The quality is better than expected, and there’s no way we could’ve made one that looks this good.

Thank you for your kind words! We are thrilled to hear that you're happy with your purchase. Thank you for choosing us! We sincerely appreciate your business.