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 Cat Flap Fever Industries

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The Original and simply the best Custom Cat Door for the Window with Locking Flap. Our standard 6"x6" flap is included and we also offer a larger 8"x9" size for our husky furry friends as well as Microchip.   

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Great product

My cats had access to our enclosed sunroom via a great dane sized pet door in our storm door. We no longer have a great dane, and leaving the main door opened allowed hot and cold air to come in via the flap. I found this window door option while searching for a replacement storm door for pets. We love this. Our cats now go out the window, the storm door has been replaced with a full glass door, and the main door is shut. I imagine our utility bill will improve as the house feels better already.

Excellent products!

Love this company! This is my second cat door order for a window. The first one worked great for 2 years with little wear/tear. I moved homes and just ordered a second one. The company is great to work with, the measurements are easy and straightforward, and I received my product within a week of ordering. I would highly recommend their products to anyone looking for a stylish and very functional pet door.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Katrina M. Labude
Just what the cat ordered!

I grew tired of opening the door several times a day for my cat to come and go. The only cat doors I had ever seen in the stores were the kind that require cutting a hole in your door. I decided someone must have come up with a better idea so I searched the internet for a window cat door and found Cat Flap Fever. The directions for how to measure were clear and I felt confident ordering it. It took about 10 seconds to put it in and a few minutes for the cat to figure it out. I was a little concerned about security so I put it in a small high window over a counter in a utility room with a rock ledge outside that the cat could jump up on. I put bars between the top of the window and the upper frame so no one could raise the window any higher. It is the perfect solution for my country cat who likes to come and go at all hours of the day and night. It looks good and fits tight so no insects are coming through. Just to make sure I spray Ortho Home Defense around the outside. I don't foresee any problems (except the cat dragging in mice, birds, and lizards) and believe this is a great product.

Cat Flap Fever

Great experience, customer service is very good-they checked in with me after I ordered to be sure of the measurements. The door fit perfectly and is a great addition to the window-it allows light in and cats out into the screened in porch. One of our cats is having a hard time learning how to use the door, but the other cats are using it with no problem. This is a great solution to the cats waiting to go in-or out-or in...

Sanity saving product!

I bought a Cat Flap this last January. I waited to write this review. When I found this company online, I was skeptical that it would be a good experience. (I work for the Better Business Bureau and I've seen my share of shady stuff.) I reached out to the company on a Sunday afternoon and was not expecting communication until at least the following day or later. To my surprise, they reached out within moments and answered my questions. I moved forward with my purchase and the company was fast, responsive, and I received my order quickly. The quality is amazing and fits my window nicely! We've seen it perform through 15 and up to 115 degree temps and it's not drafty at all. Cat loves it and I am not constantly getting up to let him out anymore. Soooo pleased!!!


I can finally quit my second job as a cat traffic controller - all 3 of our cats are getting accustomed to the door and I am sleeping through the night. It fits and functions perfectly. Happy x 4 (:

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Simona Vaglieco
Excellent quality

Excellent quality and great customer service. I will definately recommend

Happy cat! Happy owner!

When we replaced a sliding glass door, we lost the cat door. Squeaker is semi tame and needed an 'out'. Our new flapper door is a perfect fit, so easy to install and in constant use, in and out. Thank you CatFlapFever!

Amazing Cat Door

We are so happy we got this door from Cat Flap Fever! The process was easy and efficient and the product quality is top notch! Our kitties love being able to visit the screen porch when they choose and I love knowing they have a safe way in and out. The plexiglass is perfect as it makes the cat door practically invisible to those who don’t know where it is! We’ve had no issues with the heat leaking in around it. Thanks again for such an amazing product guys!

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Bethany Blackmer
A Lifesaver!

I wanted my kitties to be able to come and go as they please but have the window keep in the a.c. and keep out the bugs. This catflap did the trick! I got a custom window and they worked with me to make it the right height, and with a bit of window insulating tape it's perfect!

Easy Process

Very easy to make sure the measurements were all correct. I knew exactly what would be coming to me. It was delivered quickly and easy for me to install. I did need to make a tiny adjustment and slightly trim one side, but this was not the fault of theirs, more so an issue with my window which could not be seen in the photos I texted them with the measurements. I purchased the PVC version and it was very easy for me to make this small adjustment with a tool I had at my home. Once my cat figured out how it worked he loved it! He now Meows to have it unlocked as soon as we are out of bed in the mornings. It's so great to know he has freedom to get to his outdoor enclosure while we are out of the house during the day.

Cat flap door

It’s perfect for our cats to go out into an enclosure. Very easy to use and install. I love it !


Great cat door! Awesome customer service too.


It’s perfect! Very good quality and good service. I love it 😻

Quick service, great product

We ordered the large cat flap for our fur boy and found the company to be very responsive and helpful in getting the plexiglass style window completed. It arrived quickly in great condition was easy to install. Training our kitty to use it is ongoing and requires patience. He had no problem going outside from inside our home but we’re still encouraging him to come in from outside. Patience is the name of the game and many treats! The quality is outstanding!

Best Service Ever!

Finding a company was pretty straight forward. I had questions and plenty of them. This company had all the answers! They were right there for online chat and told me everything I needed to know. Once the process started, they were easy to get ahold of for any questions. When they say something, they mean it too! My door was a smidge too tall and it was so easy to cut, I was surprised. I was guided on every step of getting this done and the door is marvelous~ it fits perfectly and looks nice. I will be recommending this outfit to anyone who asks!

Works great

I got the plexiglass catflap with the microchip reader. Instillation was relatively easy after we added more weatherstripping to the top surface. The existing one was not applied very well. Other than that there have been no issues. Our 10.5 lb cat took about 10 days to figure it out and still tries to get out at night when it is locked. We are covering the window at night until she gets it. We are happy to not constantly hear the whining to go out and in all day long. This is a great attractive product that is highly recommended.


This worked out perfectly! I live in shared college housing so there is a chance that I will get roommates that don't allow cats. With this my cat has the freedom to roam outside instead of being stuck a room when I'm out an about. I measured my window and Liz even texted me after they received my order to confirm measurements. It was a pain to squeeze in but at least I know there is no chance someone could pop it out! I cut a dowel down to size to fit it in-between the top of the window and the top of the window frame. This ensures there's no way for someone to open the window further. The lock on the cat door is very sturdy. My cat loves it! I'll be sure to put some installation foam in-between the window sill and cat door, but that's just due to the fact that the windows are very old. Who knows, this probably improved the insulation of the window!

Quality cat flap

I am very happy with the plexiglass clear glass cat flap we purchased! Liz was very quick to get in touch and made sure we got a perfectly fitted cap flap for our window. We went with the increased size cat flap and two of our cats are using it with ease after 2 days. One is still not sure but he'll get there. Liz accommodated a late change to the cat flap positioning (from left to right) due to a change to our catio design. She's awesome! 100% recommend this product and would buy again if we ever need another cat flap.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Norman Dolashewich
Excellent product

This window looks great and works great. My two little (2yrs old) females, Cleopatra and Circe took all of 5 minutes to figure it out. They now can get out of the breakfast nook window into their catio porch, and back inside without making me feel like I'm their personal doorman. Which I am anyway.

Window cat flap

Sevice was excellent. Window insert fit perfectly. My 7 cats caught on within 1- 5 days. So nice no more getting up even in the middle of the night to cats crying to get out or in at my bedroom window. We live on many acres and have 2 wooded areas on our property so my only issue is the occaisional incident of one of my "hunters" bringing their prey in with them.

Great pet window

Very sturdy and well built. I loved the personal contact to get the sizing just right. Didn't take the cats long to figure it out. Now they knock on the the door when they think we should unlock it.

Cat Magick!

This window kitty door is fantastic! The folks at Cat Flap Fever were very patient with my plethora of questions. They walked me through the measuring process. The window fits beautifully (though I may order some additional weather stripping as I live in Florida) This is just what I needed to give my "roguish" kitties their freedom while keeping my apartment cool. I'm glad I went with the larger flap as my kitties are more comfortable with that. All around great product and very personal service.

Quality product and excellent customer service!

Liz walked me through taking the measurements. She was patient and very helpful. I had communication both in the chat and by phone. Response was timely. The catflap fit perfectly and I was very glad I upgraded to the larger size. I am happy and would definitely recommend. Much easier than cutting a hole in a door or a wall.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Kelly Cross Sperling
Very satisfied with this purchase

This cat flap fit purrfectly in our window. The texts showing us how to measure our window were very helpful. Our cat has learned to go in and out and we have peace of mind knowing he is safe while using it. We have the micro chip door and so far it works wonderfully!

Thank you!