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We also wanted to let you know that we make a donation to Animal Welfare and Rescue for every sale so thank you for helping us help animals in need.  

The Original and simply the best Custom Cat Door for the Window with Locking Flap. Our standard 6"x6" flap is included and we also offer a larger 8"x9" size for our husky furry friends as well as Microchip.   

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Genius Idea !

Our cat quickly started using the cat flap and now she and we have independence to come and go! We were impressed with how good the plexiglass keeps out the cold. She loves laying on the sunny perch. Our order came fast and was of great quality. We highly recommend this product.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Angela Westergard
Very satisfied

I received my cat flap and am extremely satisfied with the product. It fits perfectly in the window. I just have to help my cat get used to opening it himself. But I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a good job.

Amazing product and business

I have a cat door for my patio door but recently a stray(no one in my area claims him) moved in and has claimed that as his, so my other cats can't go out. So I was looking for window options.

I have been hesitant about this option because of one I got years ago that was never weather tight. But I found Cat Flap Fever and read all the reviews so figured I had found what I needed. Plus they ship UPS so I wouldn't have to feud with other big carrier who loses my packages.

I ordered two window inserts so the other cat can't guard more then one. They were sent out quickly and arrived as stated. So on my day off I started to put them in the windows only to have problems. They wouldn't go in and yet all the measurements matched. So I called and the help I got was awesome. I found once I did more measurements that the windows weren't quite square so using my Dremel I careful filed down the edges and reinstalled the insulation. Within an hour I had them installed and my other cats were going back outside. Of course now they act like they can't figure out how to come back in with out kitty treat bribes.

I would suggest, if you live in an older home to take a couple of measurements or use a framing square to check your windows but the PVC is super easy to work with.

This is a wonderful company to deal with and a great product. Thanks!!!

Tremendous Help!

We were gifted a kitty cat, and the cat flap has been a game changer. She basically has her own house and we were having trouble with other cats coming in and marking up “her” house and eating her food. Made us sad and disgusted (nasty cats) :)
So I decided to try the cat flap with the collar that opens the flap. Wow, what a game changer.
She is a happy cat and I’m a happy customer!
We keep a camera on the window and have been entertained by watching the neighbors cats trying to get in. 😂
Thank you for creating such a useful product!

Perfect Solution!

I live in a park model from the 80's and none of the ready built window inserts would fit in my window frame. I am so glad I found Cat Flap Fever! I ordered the regular sized window flap in the plexiglass and with JoJo's follow up questions, I got measurements correct, and the insert fit perfectly. The door flap works as stated and now my cat can get in and his enclosure any time. He loves it!

Cats love it

This was one of the greatest things we could do for my mom's cats.
They love being able to come and go as they please.
I love that the litter box is less work.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Valentin Virlanovici
Great product

I purchased the plexiglass cat flap. All along the customer support was great, they even contacted me to rectify a mistake I made while measuring the window frame. The delivery was quick, it was a perfect match and it looks amazing. Once again, you get what you pay for.

Fantastic Product

It's a really solid insert, and the customer service is amazing. Mine was a hair too big and I had to shave it down, and they walked me through it and reassured me that if it still didn't fit, I could return it. Thankfully, it fit!

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Dan Ritzenthaler
Perfect Cat Door!

Looks great and fits perfectly. They were very helpful in the ordering and sizing process.

Happy Kitties

We have 2 two year old cats. And they love our screened porch. But we were the ones who had to let them in and out constantly. A friend told me about cat flaps. So I found Cat Flap Fever. We ordered it, came very fast and tried to install. We were afraid to bend and push it into the window, but you assured us it's ok. You are heroes to our 2 kitties. It only took a couple of days for them to become confident at going in and out. Now they can decide (and they do) when to go in or out. Thank you so much.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Johanna Schultz
Sanctuary cats love the doors from Cat Flap Fever.

I operate a cat sanctuary in Minnesota that houses and cares for 90 to 100 cats. The number fluctuates due to adoptions and of course new residents. The sanctuary has approximately 1/4 acre fenced, all the cats have access to outside all year around. The window inserts purchased from Cat Flap Fever have allowed this to happen and still keep the buildings tight enough for heating purposes. The sanctuary has 17 window insert flaps and plan on purchasing more in the very near future, as we have added a new addition to our current building. The product is superior to any other cat door used here at the sanctuary in the past. The staff is awesome at Cat Flap Fever. The Evergreen Cat Sanctuary residents strongly recommend Cat Flap Fever!!

Problems solved!

My Cat Flap window inserts are exactly what I needed, and exactly as advertised. They both fit perfectly, and "cat training" has begun... For a little extra security I'm going to cut acrylic dowels to fit above the windows to prevent the windows from being opened easily. Because they are inserted in windows, other unwelcomed creatures are not likely to crawl through. Since cats can jump so high I just had to provide objects they could jump onto that are too high, and too slick at the bottom for other creatures to climb. Now my kitties can come, and go and I don't have to leave anything open and unsecured, or worry about them at night if they didn't come in before the door was closed and locked. This is the perfect product for my needs, and the customer services was outstanding!

Works great!

Cat door with microchip reader works gray! My only complaint would be that I measured it exactly as I was supposed to but I had to remove the weather stripping to get it in the window track then redo the weather stripping around it. Other than that, we’re very happy.

You won’t find a better cat door!

Just bought second window fit cat door insert from this business after moving to a new house and both times the insert fit perfect and the cat door swings with ease. I’ve had a few other brands in the past and this one is by far the best and our cats favorite. Just be sure to measure correct and you won’t be disappointed!

What We Needed, Quick and Easy

We built an elaborate catio for our five cats and wanted a quality access point. We purchased a Cat Flap plexiglass unit with the large flap. It arrived quickly and was exactly what we wanted. We had to do some custom alteration of the window because of how the widow was installed, not because of Cat Flap. In the end, it worked perfectly for us. We would definitely recommend.

Great product

Our daughter and son-in-law purchased one of these a couple of years ago and recommended that we check out the Cat Flap Fever website.
We ordered our pet door insert for our window a week ago and after validating the measurements, the pet door arrived on time.
The insert fit perfectly in our window opening. I must confess that I measured snd remeasured several times and it paid off.
It took one minute to remove the screen and one minute to install the insert.
Our cat, Boots, is grateful to have safe access to our screened porch and enjoy the great North Carolina mountain outdoors.
Superior product, service and cost effective.

Thank you, 👍😁


One of the locks on a year old cat flap broke. I emailed and got an immediate response. They are providing a replacement. There are so few companies that go the extra mile. This one does. I will always use them. We have the happiest cats ever. We don’t have to worry about cold or hot weather getting in because of the quality of their products.


Awesome solution to my situation! Great product , polite and knowledgeable personal , helped me to understand ordering / measuring directions … This company goes over and above the “ STANDARD” they Aim to Please !! Well made product , packaged and shipped with profession! I recommend and rate CAT FLAP FEVER ..A1⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! ThankYou Barbara and JOJO for being so patient with me 💥JACK thanks you too !! 😻

Perfect fit

I needed a cat door solution for a small bathroom window and called the customer service number. Barbara answered and was extremely much so that I didn't look at another option. She walked me through measurements to ensure that I would have a good fit. I placed my order and approximately 5 business days later my insert arrived. These things are made to fit, so you may want to get some assistance with installation. We had spacers at the top of our vinyl window track that we had to remove to get the extra 1/4" we needed, but man the insert is in there snug and tight, which is what you want for a great seal from the elements. The flap works great with its strong magnet keeping it closed when not in use.

In short, it's perfect.

Andy gives it his seal of approval

Andy, our 4-month-old rescue, took little over a week to learn the ins and outs of the Cat Flap Fever door/window. He highly approves of it.

Amazing Product!!

Very impressed. Good quality and my cat is loving it!!!

Great quality product, nice people to deal with when you do answer the phone. but shouldn't take over 2 weeks to ship.
Also, a nice addition to your product would be a tunnel that could be mounted from the outside of the window, and attached to the catio.

Great Buy!

This cat door is great! It’s keeping the bully of the neighborhood out! It’s a little higher up than his other door so he now has a step outside - what you do for your pets!

Super Duper Product!

The product we received is exactly what I expected. It is well made and is easy for our cat to use.

The optional window locks are are easy to use and do not require putting any holes in the window frames.
Fabrication and shipping are also very timely. The customer service is excellent and attentive to resolving
any issues there may be.

Over all we are very pleased with "Cat Flap Fever Industries", certainly recommend them and would use
them again.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Kimberly Barnett
Ingenious invention!

We have two cats who love our screened porch. My husband always went a little crazy when I left the back door ajar for them to come in and go out. However, they would shred the weatherstripping on the back door by clawing at it to come in if I closed it.

We had talked for a while about having a contractor cut a pet door into the hardiplank siding between indoors and the screened porch, but the contractor recommended against it because it’s a load-bearing wall.

We looked into removing a pane of glass from one of our French doors and seeing if someone could cut a pet door into THAT. That seemed even more complicated than having a contractor cut a pet door through our wall.

So I posted on our neighborhood Facebook page, asking our neighbors what they’d done, and someone said she had a pet door that fit into the bottom of her window. I Googled and found CatFlapFever. We couldn’t wait for it to arrive! We got the plexiglass one.

Our tuxedo Ernie loves it! He figured it out in about two days. Our gray Sadie can come in through it, but we still have to help her go out of it (we are about a week and a half in now). She’s not a porch dweller like her brother is, so I don’t think she is as motivated to figure it out.

We also got the locks to attach to our window that CatFlapFever’s owner recommended, and they work perfectly!

Could not be more pleased! I can’t recommend these products or this company enough!!