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 Cat Flap Fever Industries

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The Original and simply the best Custom Cat Door for the Window with Locking Flap. Our standard 6"x6" flap is included and we also offer a larger 8"x9" size for our husky furry friends as well as Microchip.   

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Our barn manager/chief rodent exterminator, Burpatch, loves his new cat flap to the tack room. I love that it gives the human the ability to lock it, since he does get locked in at night due to bobcats/coyotes/mountain lions. Very well constructed and easily installed!

Great product

I got the plexiglass one for window that leads to catio. Love it, the plexiglass is so clear, it doesn't even look like a window is there! Product seems very sturdy Cats are going in and out when open, but still need to learn to push it.
Customer service got back to me right away when I emailed them with a question.
Love it!


Great customer service! Everything fit perfectly, quality product! The product came in damaged from the shipping carrier, timely response and repair from cat flap fever. Highly recommended! It took our Proxima cat a moment to figure it out, but she is all about the cat door now. Thank You!

Works great for over 1.5 years

Our cats love the cat door and now we just need to upgrade to get the version with a chip reader.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Elizabeth Bucher
Literally Saved Our Lives

Our cat, Jeff, lived outside for years before our awful, negligent neighbors officially signed him over to us. The adjustment to living inside was going well, but out of nowhere he started screaming in the middle of the night to be let outside. We both struggle with sleep, and it was getting pretty bad... a real him-or-us situation, but we love the little idiot so to the internet we went. We have ONE window in our entire apartment that was eligible for a cat door, and it's one that actually gives my tiny office some light. The option to order plexiglass was awesome, so we took a chance.

We ordered from Cat Flap Industries back in February, and I'll be damned if they didn't send us the most beautiful, well-made window sash! It has exceeded expectations in every way. The fit of the plexiglass is *exact*; I had to jiggle and wiggle to get it in place but once I did it doesn't move. Very little draft comes in through the sides thanks to the thin insulated lining they put on the edges. We were also able to reattach the plastic "locks" on the top of the window rail once it was installed so you can't open the window from the outside at all. The microchip reader was so easy to program, and Jeff comes in and out on his own with no problems. He's 16 pounds and somehow still fits through the thing! Haven't had any issues with raccoons and we live between two raccoon-infested parks. Fingers crossed for this summer, though. The plexiglass is very high quality, too- easy to clean and looks great. We just can't get over how well this thing is made.

This derpy-toothed little monster thanks you for saving his sweet new living situation! Thank you, Cat Flap Industries!!
Beth, Hugh, and Jeff

Top notch door!

Highly recommend this cat door. Our neighbor has one and she recommended the company to us. Look no further! This window door is so open—looks beautiful and not at all obtrusive. It’s easy to install and use. Most importantly Cleo loves it. She thought it was a fun toy at first and now enjoys her freedom to go outside on the screened porch at will. Will be perfect for the upcoming hot summer months. Very satisfied! And we love that this is a small family business.

Should have gotten this sooner!

I spent many hours looking for cat doors. I started looking for slider doors then windows. Our windows and doors are extra large and I couldn’t find something that worked that was reasonably priced. Then came Cat Flat Fever! I texted with some questions and got quick responses. All communication has been professional, kind, and efficient.
I ordered a center flap cat window for our large 46” horizontal window. Once the order was placed and sizes were doubled checked it took exactly 1 week from order to ship. I was iffy on quality and I am happy to say I did not need to be. The material is strong, well made, and fits perfect. It comes with a foam seal, but we added an extra layer because our windows are old and difficult.
I am beyond happy with my purchase. I tell anyone who notices it. Even if they don’t notice I tell them, who am I kidding. I love it.
I’m getting the cats used to it. they will go through it but they won’t open it by them selves yet, so I’m working with them. I haven’t had to wake up in the middle of the night to let the cats out on the lanai since we installed it.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
bob hinderschied
Cat house

My wife didn't want our garage cat uncomfortable. I removed the window and put in the cat flap in plywood and insulated it. Inside I built a 3 story cat house. Now we need to get her to use it.


Just got my door and took under 5 minutes to install, cats got it within a day and now everyone is happy! This is an amazing product and highly recommend.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Craig Bovenizer
We visited the store

We drove from Griffin Ga up to the store. I was glad we did. We were greeted and shown how the window would be made. Very nice experience. Great folks. The window arrived 2 days later and installation was very easy. Thank you so much.

Second going on third window

The Cat Flap folks are awesome. I just installed my 2nd cat window door, and already planning for a third. I replaced a product that was leaking and running electric bill up - with these products, I can feel an immediate difference.
I love supporting family business, and they are so kind and very patient when I had surgery in middle of my order and couldn’t get measurements right away. The shipping is quick and installation is easy.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Janice Sorensen
Thomas Catkins is happy

Our old boy, Thomas Catkins had been an outdoor barn cat his whole life and is thrilled with his new door and retirement to indoor life! The window came cut perfectly to the specs. I think it would be good to advise people that they need to stuff something at the top of the lifted window now as cold air will come in. Its not something you think about right away. Thanks.

Cat Door for the Window

We needed away for our cat to get outside onto the "catio" we built for him. After putting in the cat door window and he discovered it, he is in and out as he wants. It has been a great find for us. Getting the Cat Door for the Window was easy and less expensive than we thought the process would be.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Melinda Wheatley

We love our new cat flap! The company was quick to respond to custom order and had it shipped in no time! Great customer service. Highly recommend.

I really like this door.

This door works great. I love not having to let my cats go in and out. They can do it on their own. The door is also good about not letting the wind, water, snow, etc. into the house.

The service was great too. We were leaving on a trip and they got the cat door too us right away.

If I ever need another cat door I will buy it from them again.

Cat flap window

We needed a w ay for our cat to get in and out of the "catio" we built for him. The cat flap window we purchased to put in the kitchen window worked very well. It took our cat only a short time to know how to use it as a way to get outside. Thank you for providing this for us.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Lauren Bringhurst
Perfect fit!

I needed a cat flap so my kitty could get in and out of his catio. Instead of me having to open and shut the window now he can go whenever he pleases. This helps keep cold/hot air out and bugs! There is also a lock that is helpful when I’m not home or at night. We added weathering tape to the sides to make sure it was snug. Very happy with this purchase! Was prepared and delivered faster than I expected.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Melinda Langston
Replacement door

Needed a replacement door for my cat window that I’ve had for six or seven years. Sent a picture and they sent me the correct door (although UPS took its sweet time!). Fit perfectly and easy to install! No more drafts, and Miss Maisy, and owners, are happy once again !


Great “cat flap” for for 10 pound dog. Fits perfect into our vertical window.

Love my cat door.

My cats love coming in and out of this door.

Best thing I’ve bought!

Oh, I absolutely love it! Definitely five stars! I live in an apartment and I couldn’t put anything through a wall or a door so I thought there’s got to be solution out there and then I found this company. I put it in my window and all of two minutes at the most, plus I added to tension rods, small ones to the top of the window to prevent anybody from opening it. I bought the extra thick plexiglass because of Kansas weather and the locking flap with the ID tag for locking and unlocking by the cat. This is made my life so much easier and the cat loves it going in and out on her own and not waiting for me at the door. I bought the clear plexiglass versus the white PVC that goes in the window because I felt the cat should be able to see in and out before she uses the door flap and I was right. These two items cost a little bit more but well worth it. I can’t say enough about this product. I just absolutely love it. The only thing I did was added more adhesive weatherstripping around all four sides to help with the cold air slipping through.


Product was a perfect solution as I rent my home and wanted to give my cat freedom without leaving doors open to other critters! Custom cat flap arrived in just 5 days! My cat learned to use quickly within a couple days. I added a little extra insulation around the edges of the sill as I have a deep window track. Works great and my cat loves it!

Great solution

The sales rep I spoke with took her time to understand the pet window solution I needed. I received the purrfect cat door for NY feline. Exceptionally happy!

Great product

I absolutely love this product. The company was very helpful and flexible when it came to ordering and measuring for my project. I needed a cat flap for my cats to get into their Catio. My husband had built a box outside of the window which made it a little more complicated to install a flap that could swing freely. Liz did a great job of making it so that it fits perfectly. We have 7 cats, 5 of which use the Catio. We have had the window installed for about a week. So far 2 of the cats have figured out how to use the door, I am sure it is just a matter of time until they all figure it out. I did put some tape where the flap is not, one of the cats tried to go out there and bumped his head, hasn’t happened again. We are very happy with this and highly recommend it!

Very pleased with cat door

We love the cat door set up in our window. Just open window and insert plexiglass into window frame, pull top window down to secure it in window...no tools needed. No blockage of view to outside. Fits perfectly. They made sure I was pleased with product and explained how to measure for accurate fit. Highly recommend this company for anyone needing pet entry and exit.