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 Cat Flap Fever Industries

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The Original and simply the best Custom Cat Door for the Window with Locking Flap. Our standard 6"x6" flap is included and we also offer a larger 8"x9" size for our husky furry friends as well as Microchip.   

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Cat door fit perfectly!

As advertised cat's love it thanks!

The Purrrfect Solution!

We have a stray cat who found us a few months ago. She's been staying mostly on our screened-in porch but now that the weather is cooling has been enjoying coming inside, especially in the evenings. Often she wants to go in and out, in and out, resulting in either a constantly open door or us getting up a bunch to let her out. I knew someone had to have thought of a solution of installing a cat-door in a window, and indeed they have! This is the perfect solution. It's a complete custom fit, in-a-snap installation, and took only about 3 days of practice before our kitty knows exactly how to use it and can go from the porch to the house whenever she wants. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!

Excellent product!

We had this cat door specially made to fit in our window AND line up with a catio entrance outside on our porch. The quality is great, and the measurements are exact. We had high winds a day or so after we installed it, and it wasn't even phased. The lock on the flap kept it completely closed. The cat is getting the hang of the flap, and he loves having access to his catio whenever he wants. Customer service is excellent, and it was a pleasure working with and supporting this small business!

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Tiffany Jorgensen
Great product!

They made it very specific to our window and it’s really strong too! It looks great and they care contact you and make sure the measurements are correct!

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Sandy DelGrande
Clear cat flap window inserted

Great communication
Great product fit perfect in my window !
Would recommend and definitely buy again if needed

Best home addition ever!

Our cat has figured this cat flap out and goes in and out at will. Love it. It fits really well. The measurement guidelines were great. I love the plexiglass option. He sits at the window on his cat tower and watches and watches...

Couldn't be happier!

We love our window cat flap!! Super easy ordering and helpful staff. We were very impressed by the quality of the window unit. Our cat learned how to use the "door" in just a few tries. Now he can come and go from his catio whenever he likes!

Excellent cat door

Took them about two days to get the hang of it and the installation and measured cuts were right on. Now I no longer have to open and close the window all day. Thank you for a great product

Quality Product

This is exactly what I needed! Nice quality and well insulated with strip of foam on all edges to make for a snug fit. Looks way better than something I would have tried to make myself. Blends into the window and wall and you don't even notice it's there. Cats seem to be enjoying the freedom of going in and out without waiting at the door! Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

Great product, great service

Well constructed, perfect fit!😀

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Sharie McCormack
Purrrrfect fit

I loved how easy it was to send my window measurements via text. I wasn’t exactly sure so I set the tape measure in the window according to the directions and too a picture so they could see the exact measurements. That was so much easier than hoping I did it right and their response was quick too.
When the insert came it fit perfectly and looks great! I’m still teaching my cat how to go in and out of the flap. He’s not a fan of using his head to push it open but I have a feeling his desire to go out into the screen room will eventually win out.


Great Idea

I’ve had my cat flap for a couple of weeks now and my cats just love it. They can come and go as they want and it saves me time. The only issue I have with this is the seal at the bottom is already coming loose and falling off. But besides that this works great.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Kristine Beisel
Love the cat flap window door!

We love our new car flap window door. It gives our 4 cats access to their outdoor catio. One cat goes in and our on his own. The other two still need us to push the flap for them. Our fourth kitty tends to be afraid and he hasn't tried yet. The cat flap arrived quickly, looks great in the window, and is made very well.

Human loves cat door

I love the cat door as it is very insulating for the winter time. Customer service was very friendly when I called up about help with specifying the measurements. When i received the cat window my order was decorated with my cat's name which was very fun. Great customer service, and happy about the product very durable.

Fantastic produce

I'm really happy with my horizontal window cat door. It was so easy to communicate and coordinate getting the product I needed. My cats are learning how to use it quickly. I love that I haven't had to lose any sunshine or visibility coming through my window.

Great Door

Awesome experience. Ordering was fast and easy. The door got here super quick. It was a tight fit in the window which is great to not let in the elements and holds up to being played with by kids.
Next time I would opt for a see through option if there is one.

Great product overall

Great quality overall - definitely gets the job done. We have our cat using this and meowing at us less :)

Great Gadget

This window insert with a pet door is absolutely great! My cats love it. There wasn't enough room to put a pet door in my french doors to the enclosed patio in Florida, so this was an excellent solution.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Victoria Criscione

Our cat used to treat us like her personal doorman, so we knew we had to try a cat door! We chose CatFlapFever because they had the clear option, so we don’t lose any light from the window where the cat door is. I had questions be fore deciding which door to purchase and they got back to me right away! They were also very helpful after purchasing and their measurement method came back with a door the perfect size! The door also came really quickly, which is amazing for a custom product. We decided on the microchip comparable door but have it in teaming mode currently while the care gets used to it. It’s taken some time, but she’s catching on! Could not be happier!

Awesome Experience

Not very sure about buying it at the beginning but I’m so happy I decided to do it.
It’s the best thing I’ve ever tried. The microchip scanner works perfect so only my cats are able to use it. No stranger animals get inside my house. It gives me mental peace when going to work and my cats totally love it!!


This window cat flap turned out to be better than I expected. Great quality, easy instructions to follow, easy installation - I wish I’d ordered it with the larger flap, but I received what I ordered and it’s working out just fine. Love it!

Cat window flap

A little long to receive the product but we'll worth the wait. Installation was easy. Cats figured it out easily. Now I can sleep at night without my cats tearing up the weatherstrip on my door.

Works perfectly, cat loves it

Bought this so our cat would stop waking us up at 7am to be let out on our covered porch. It took her a day or two to get used to it, but now she's unstoppable, she loves it. Sizing was perfect and does a good job keeping airflow out. Very happy!!

My cat loves it, so do I

The window door is the greatest. It looks very nice, very sturdy and my cat used it right away. Now my cat can go in and out on the enclosed porch any time she wants. I would recommend it to anyone.

Wow! You can train a

Love this catflap! It looks great. Thanks for prompt service and kind help.
A few tips...a little patience is good. Bastet still would rather I get out of my chair and let him in and out....but in the mornings, now, I have slept past dawn. When he wants out, he goes, for the training period...which will last til he comes in on his own, too.

I have always closed the door curtain when it's time to stay in, so close I the curtain over the catflap if i lock him in. Loving it!