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The Original and simply the best Custom Cat Door for the Window with Locking Flap. Our standard 6"x6" flap is included and we also offer a larger 8"x9" size for our husky furry friends as well as Microchip.   

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This worked out perfectly! I live in shared college housing so there is a chance that I will get roommates that don't allow cats. With this my cat has the freedom to roam outside instead of being stuck a room when I'm out an about. I measured my window and Liz even texted me after they received my order to confirm measurements. It was a pain to squeeze in but at least I know there is no chance someone could pop it out! I cut a dowel down to size to fit it in-between the top of the window and the top of the window frame. This ensures there's no way for someone to open the window further. The lock on the cat door is very sturdy. My cat loves it! I'll be sure to put some installation foam in-between the window sill and cat door, but that's just due to the fact that the windows are very old. Who knows, this probably improved the insulation of the window!

Quality cat flap

I am very happy with the plexiglass clear glass cat flap we purchased! Liz was very quick to get in touch and made sure we got a perfectly fitted cap flap for our window. We went with the increased size cat flap and two of our cats are using it with ease after 2 days. One is still not sure but he'll get there. Liz accommodated a late change to the cat flap positioning (from left to right) due to a change to our catio design. She's awesome! 100% recommend this product and would buy again if we ever need another cat flap.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Norman Dolashewich
Excellent product

This window looks great and works great. My two little (2yrs old) females, Cleopatra and Circe took all of 5 minutes to figure it out. They now can get out of the breakfast nook window into their catio porch, and back inside without making me feel like I'm their personal doorman. Which I am anyway.

Window cat flap

Sevice was excellent. Window insert fit perfectly. My 7 cats caught on within 1- 5 days. So nice no more getting up even in the middle of the night to cats crying to get out or in at my bedroom window. We live on many acres and have 2 wooded areas on our property so my only issue is the occaisional incident of one of my "hunters" bringing their prey in with them.

Great pet window

Very sturdy and well built. I loved the personal contact to get the sizing just right. Didn't take the cats long to figure it out. Now they knock on the the door when they think we should unlock it.

Cat Magick!

This window kitty door is fantastic! The folks at Cat Flap Fever were very patient with my plethora of questions. They walked me through the measuring process. The window fits beautifully (though I may order some additional weather stripping as I live in Florida) This is just what I needed to give my "roguish" kitties their freedom while keeping my apartment cool. I'm glad I went with the larger flap as my kitties are more comfortable with that. All around great product and very personal service.

Quality product and excellent customer service!

Liz walked me through taking the measurements. She was patient and very helpful. I had communication both in the chat and by phone. Response was timely. The catflap fit perfectly and I was very glad I upgraded to the larger size. I am happy and would definitely recommend. Much easier than cutting a hole in a door or a wall.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Kelly Cross Sperling
Very satisfied with this purchase

This cat flap fit purrfectly in our window. The texts showing us how to measure our window were very helpful. Our cat has learned to go in and out and we have peace of mind knowing he is safe while using it. We have the micro chip door and so far it works wonderfully!

Thank you!

Kitties have their own door!

We recently moved to a home with a large covered deck and no stairs to the ground - perfect for our two kitties. CatFlapFever custom-made the window insert with cat-flap and it fit our window purrfectly! We have a ramp on the inside and outside of the window and the kitties walk up, nudge the flap, and scoot on out to the deck or back into the house whenever they wish! Liz communicated with us several times to make sure the size was correct and then to offer suggestions on helping the kitties "adapt to the flap". We highly recommend this product and rate it 5+ Paws!

Say Goodbye to Scooping!

We LOVE our CatFlap and so do our kitties! I accidentally ran over our ScoopFree box when in the driveway being deep cleaned and decided I was tired of the litter box altogether! Moved the box itself (the dirty tray) out to the yard, installed our flap, and just like that, no more litter box! There were 2 💩 accidents, where the litter box used to be, but it was thankfully on a hard surface and once they learned they could literally go out whenever they want, no more accidents! Would buy again!

Love it!

I have three cats and it did not take them long to figure out how to use the cat flap to go in and out as they wanted. No more waking me up in the middle of the night to go outside! The ordering process was simple, shipment was fast and customer service awesome. I highly recommend.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Susan Southcotte
Love my cat door

I love my new cat door with the microchip sensor! I was getting mice with my old door without the microchip sensor and installed this one. No more mice and much more insulated!

Didn't quite fit at first due to window screens, now it's perfect and we LOVE it

*Updated review: Customer service reached out to me and was so understanding and reimbursed me for the costs of the handyman. They responded so quickly once they realized how frustrated I was, and I cannot stress enough how important their gestures were! Besides the issue I mention below, my cats are so happy with the window, and it helps me a ton to not have to get up from my desk to let them in and out every 5 minutes! My youngest of two cats took seven whole days to figure it out, but he finally has and I've never been a prouder cat mom!*

While the customer service was very responsive to explaining the measurements they needed and how to get them, when my PVC window insert came in, it did not fit into my window. This was because we hadn't discussed if there was anything obstructing my window on the outside, such as the frame of a screen window nailed into the house itself (cannot be removed). While the screen was, of course, pulled up for installation, due to the direction in which the 45* angles were cut into the wood (see photo), the only option of insertion was through the outside, where the permanent screen frame was in the way. If I had known that a 45* angle would be cut, I may have been able to avoid the issue by requesting that the 45* angle be cut in the other direction. So if you have screens, bear it in mind!! I ended up hiring a handyman to cut down the PVC a tiny bit, and he also added a piece of wood to insert on the inside of the window for safety. (This was an issue for me because I live in a city and if the home's window is not in its locking position, there isn't a way to lock it, so someone could easily see my cat window from the street, pull up my home's window, take the installed cat window out, and enter my home.) But the wood solution works really well!

I reached out to the company about the sizing mishap, trying to figure out if it was my error or theirs. I was frustrated that I ended up paying much more than intended...(See first paragraph above for the final part of the story!)

Great service easy order

Thus company is amazing. The ordering was easy and went very smooth from the beginning to the end. VERY quick turnaround. Great communication all the way.
So glad to have found them. I would recommend without a doubt.


I was a little nervous with the measurements but it came perfectly! Also, delivery was quick - highly recommend! If I know anyone in the future who wants one of these, I'll send them your way! Oh, and the cats love it!


I am so happy I decided to order through this site! The customer service is amazing. I am so grateful they follow up with a text to make sure your measurements are correct. The door came perfectly sized! Installed in minutes. I had ordered a pair of the window wedges to lock the window but they weren’t in my package when it arrived. I called customer service and they said they would mail that out right away! I don’t usually write reviews, but I am super impressed by the product and the people! I would definitely recommend!

Well Made and Well Functioning Product

Works well for my needs. Appreciated the online measuring instructions and double check by the company. For my application, I will need to add more weatherstripping but that is simply my choice and not a product defect. Having the ends tapered can be very helpful when inserting into window track. Glad I ordered the large door size; I think it helps a more timid cat feel comfortable using the door. The characters can now head out to their screened porch as they see fit without taking a lot of house heat with them.


It’s the perfect cat flap for my odd window! I looked for some time to install a cat flap rather than letting my cats in and out but I have very odd windows. I was so happy to find this company and they were great to work with! Double checked all the dimensions of my windows and it arrived quickly! Thanks!

Very Pleased!

We love our Cat flap! and so do our 7 cats. We have one that snaps on to our screen and while that is great for summertime and warmer weather we couldnt leave it open in the winter, so problem solved. I was impressed with how strong and sturdy it is and with just 2 weather strips it became air tight. I would highly recommend this product! Also I would recommend going with the larger cat flap. It should e a lifetime purchase and when your cats get older they do plump up. :)

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Jennifer Mancell
Great Window Cat Flap!

We recently moved house and were worried that our outdoor loving cat would be stressed without door access in the new house. The window cat flap has solved our problems! It fits neatly, can easily be removed if necessary and we received it (in Bermuda) in good time considering the situation regarding Covid. Very efficient and affordable service. Thank you very much! (Tigger likes it too!)

Everything I was hoping for

The title says it all. This product is everything I was hoping it would be. Almost immediately my cat started using it. The quality is great, the plexiglass is just as clear as the window glass, and the fit is perfect. Originally I had mismeasured my window depth and within minutes of submitting my order I received a text message with detailed instructions for proper measuring. Overall my experience has been exceptional.

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Stephanie Grass
Quality product and outstanding customer service!

I found this wonderful company googling cat doors for windows. I have a small garden window that I thought would be difficult to find a flap insert for. I was wrong. I was contacted for key details that made the final product a perfect fit. The insert looks so professional, featuring a siding finish that blends in very well with the outside look of the house. Liz was the epitome of the perfect customer service professional. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and plan to order again soon. Semper Fi!

Cat Flap Fever Industries
Beverly A Schwab
Great product

This cat window insert was a great find! I wanted to build a catio for my indoor-only kitty, but didn't want to punch a big hole in my house and we didn't have an accessible door that would work, so this solution was purrrrfect. The insert arrived quickly and fit the window perfectly. It had one broken locking tab when it came, but I contacted the company and they sent a replacement tab that I was able to easily snap on. I would definitely recommend this product!

Easy to put in and works perfectly.

Plexiglass keeps the light coming in, and it barely shows. Looks so much better than white plastic. The door arrived very quickly after ordering.

Perfect fit

The cat door fit into my window like a glove! It feels and looks really secure - definitely the tight fit I was looking for to keep the northeastern winter weather outside. My cat loves it too.