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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product work in all windows?

Just about! Our design fits vertical or horizontal double hung , sash, awning, hammond or slider windows.

I've seen expandable cat door window inserts. What makes your solid base better?

We originally purchased the expandable version, which is actually what prompted us to create something we found to be superior. We found that the expandable version uses a hollow, flimsy base that didn't stay expanded and often fell out of our window. In addition, the expandable design created a space that allowed drafts and mosquitos into our home. Our solid PVC base fits snuggly in your window tracks preventing drafts and bugs from getting in.

This is a solid base? How will i get it into my window?

Our base is 10" and cut to the length or height of your window. We take your precise measurement so it will sit in your window tracks with a little room to spare on either end. It's meant to have a snug fit.

Once I close my window down onto the base, its there a way to secure it?

We recommend adding a window lock after installing your custom cat door. We carry our two favorite options on our website and you can find them in hardware stores as well.

I'm not great at measuring, can you help me?

Absolutely! Because this is a custom cut base, it's important we get a precise measurement. We've included diagrams on our website and you can also text or call us at (706) 619-1800 and we will be happy to help! It's quick and simple, but we want to make certain we get it right.  

I'm worried my cats won't use this door. can I return it?

Absolutely. Just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase price.  The good news is that we get very few returns.  Once your cat finds his way through the flap, it's smooth sailing.  Because our product is custom cut, we have a $19.99 re-stocking fee for returns. 

How do I prevent other critters from coming through the flap and into my home?

We offer multiple flap options including locking and microchip. The locking flaps restrict in and out manually while the microchip connects to your cat's chip and allows only his access or exit. You can connect multiple cats to the flap. We also offer larger flaps for our husky feline friends.

I will be using this on an exterior window. Will rain or weather cause it to warp, mold or discolor?

We use mold and weather resistant PVC trim moulding. While it cuts and paints like wood, it does not warp, peel or absorb moisture.

I live in a cold climate. Will this make my house chilly?

We add weather stripping along all four sides of our solid base, and have added brushing around the flap to keep out drafts and bugs. We created this product while living in Chicago, so it is weather-tested and approved!

Do you offer Plexiglas bases?

Plexiglas has been a very popular product for us with great feedback from our customers. Our standard Plexiglas base is 1/4" thick cut to the length or height of your window and 12" high.  Lengths greater than 48" are available in PVC only

What if I receive the door and it simply doesn't fit?

We NEVER want our customers dissatisfied with their purchase. Just call or text us at (706) 619-1800 and describe the issue. Sometimes it's just a matter of needing a little extra elbow grease to get it into the tracks. Other times, the board needs a little extra cut off the end. You can either do it yourself, (Risk free - we'll still take it back for a refund or replacement if it still doesn't fit), grab a handy friend or neighbor, see if a local hardware store will make the simple cut or you can re-measure your window and return this one for a replacement. We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure we get it right.

Still got a question?

If our FAQ does not contain the answers you were looking for, please drop our customer service team a message or just call or text us at (706) 619-1800 and they will be happy to help!