give your furry friend the safety and freedom she deserves with a CAT DOOR for the window.

 Turn to Cat Flap Fever Industries for  your easy-to-install  pet doors and feel great knowing you helped animals in need.   That's because we make a donation to animal welfare for every pet door sold. Thank you for helping us help animals in need. 

Affordable Cat Door Window Insert.  PVC & Plexiglas cat doors with locking cat flap. Best Cat Door.

What We Offer

Our cat door window insert is custom made with solid PVC plastic and a locking flap.  We use brushing around the flap and weatherstripping around the base edges to keep out weather and bugs.  We offer Microchip doors and larger flap sizes and can customize our base to fit almost any windows.  We are the original cat door window insert creators and we're thrilled to make our tried and true product, at an affordable price for you.  Each cat door is custom cut to sit in your window tracks.  We offer plexiglas cat and dog doors as well! Text, call or email us for more information. Most orders ship within 7 to 10 days. 

Pet Doors

Outstanding Customer Service

 We understand the value and importance of good customer service, especially when ordering a custom product.  That's why we go the extra mile to make certain you have an exceptional experience with your order. We believe that makes our small family owned business special.  We're super proud of our PVC and Plexiglas cat door for the window and we'd love to help you order yours today.  See why we think we have the best customer service and best cat doors!

Plexiglas Cat Doors with locking cat flap.

Commitment to Quality

We make high quality cat doors that are custom made with a weather-resistant and solid PVC base and locking flap. We add weather stripping to create a tight seal and brush around the locking flap to keep out drafts and bugs.

 We're super proud of our pet doors (yes we make dog doors too!) and we stand behind the quality of each an every one we send out.  If you have any issues with the fit or dissatisfaction with the door, please reach out to us so we can remedy the situation. We're only happy if our customers are happy. 

We offer SureFlap Microchip Doors

  • $99  add-on - Select Microchip flap option at checkout
  • Keep unwanted animals out of your home
  • The Microchip door only opens for your pet's veterinary implanted microchip or RFID collar tag to keep intruder animals out
  • Let your cats come and go but leave the intruder animals outside

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