Family owned & operated in the U.S.A. We donate to animal rescue for every door sold.We offer scratch and dent discounts.

Let's get the right measurements for your custom cat door

Please take a look at our diagrams and tutorials below. 

PVC ORDERS ONLY: Our base is 5/8" thick.  Please let us know if your window tracks are more narrow than 5/8" and we will taper the edges. 

Horizontal Measurement Instructions

Since your window opens up and down, we ask that you please open the window and put the tape measure in the left side track as far as it will go and then come across to just the edge on the right side. This is the area that you will have to slip past to install.

Once we confirm this measurement, we will get started on your cat door for the window right away.

Vertical Measurement Instructions

Please open the slider and measure from all the way inside the top track to down into the bottom of the lower track. That is the measurement I need to make my calculation.

Our base is cut to the height of the window. We place the locking cat flap at the bottom.
It is designed to have your slider closed next to it to hold in place.

We can't wait to get started on your Custom Cat Door!