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Did you know you can re-introduce cats if the first meeting didn't go well?

You have all heard the expression “You Never Get a Second Change to Make a First Impression.” It has been attributed to Oscar Wilde and Will Rogers, although nobody really knows for sure. Studies show a person will form their first impression somewhere between seven seconds and two minutes.

Well, who knew but this doesn't pertain to cats! Thanks to a really great article I came across, https://catbehaviorassociates.com/pams-think-like-a-cat-reintroduction-method/, I learned that cats can wipe the slate clean even after years of aggression and dislike if properly reintroduced.  It involves separation for a, time out, with tons of love for each and a connection that builds during mealtime.  An association with something positive, like treats or food, generates good energy.  That makes so much sense when you think about it!  

There's hope for cat owners who think it's a lost cause.  That makes me so happy! 

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!  Love, Christine 

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